Starting to make puppets for theatre about ten years ago, i soon discovered my love for creating the character itself and to think of it's story and the world it comes from.
So i began to build creatures just for the love of it. I would also take them outside and show them the world. Now i am happily creating away in different mediums, sculptures, drawings, prints (all of this you can find here in my shop) but i also perform from time to time . I force myself to, because actually i am very shy and i prefer hiding over being seen. But being seen is part of the job. If you don't see me you can't like what i do and you will never buy anything and i will starve to death. (dark worst case scenario here)

In this shop you will find drawings, photocollages and much more. Everything is created by me personally. I love sending things to people and i pack everything with a lot of love and additional surprises.